Centrifugal compressor ЦТК-275/9

Centrifugal compressor ЦТК-275/9

Centrifugal compressor K-250-61-5 and ЦТК -275 / 9 are designed to compress and move the air. Centrifugal compressor is stationary, automated.

Parameters of the compressor shown in the table are given to the following conditions at the inlet: the initial absolute pressure of 98 kPa (1.0 kgf/cm2), the initial temperature of 20 ºC, relative humidity 50%, the initial temperature of cooling water at 20 ºC

designation  compressor
1. Displacement, m3/min 275
2. The working rangeof performance, m3/min 165-275
3. The finalpressure, kgf/cm2, no more 8,0
4. Power consumptionin the working range, KW 1135-1535
5. Rotational speed of the compressor rotor, rev / min 11172
6. Overall dimensions,includingengine, Ix bx h, m 8,2х7, 6х4,4
7. Weightwithout motor,t 14,5
8. Diameter(DN), the suction pipe, mm 600
9. Diameter(DN) discharge line, mm 200

Here you can order a Centrifugal compressor ЦТК-275/9. To buy a Centrifugal compressor ЦТК-275/9, contact the sales department Energomash. Sale of a Centrifugal compressor ЦТК-275/9 is carried out in all regions of Russia, Ukraine and CIS countries.

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