The specialists of ACS department of our company have developed a unique system of automatic control (ACS) "ZolotNik" and rectifier - the agent of automatic control of excitation of synchronous motors with wide-impulse modulation and digital control (VAUSHM).

ACS "ZolotNik" has the wide range of application: from the control of parameters of “engine – unit” system, to complex assemblies and system complexes (turbo-compressors, motor-gearbox-compressor system, gas producer-consumer) controlling.

Automatic control systems

Information about units and systems work is displayed in a concise and accessible to staff form. ACS is bundled with software compatible with PC Pentium-1 and above, it allows to control (temperature, pressure, axial displacement, vibration, flow, speed, etc.) and to supervise the installation at a considerable distance from the PC.

In agreement with the customer ACS is equipped with sensors and actuators of national or foreign production. This equipment requires no special conditions on site, involves the installation in close proximity to the management object, that saves cabling and wiring design. Precise adjustment of the parameters allows maintaining the optimum work modes of the system complexes, that provides energy saving and entails a quick payback.

ACS does not require the additional commissioning works during commissioning and executed in the form of blocks, with mount on DIN - rail. To operate this equipment no special staff education requires. Performance provides in a wide range of protection classes. The system is designed to control the K-250, K-500, CTC-275 / 9, CC-115, CC-135, TK-250 / 7, CTC-12, 5, KTK-7/14, 4VRK, 4VRZ, 32VTS -100 / 9 compressors. Dimensions 1600h600h400 mm. Operating voltage for the power of ACS: from 80 V to 280V. Nominal power consumption is 350W.

Exciters (VAUSHM) are available at nominal current up to 630A. The scheme is developed by the company so that does not require a matching transformer. Agent provides a direct, reactor and soft start of motor, automatically adjusts of the parameters of the synchronous motor. Information about the engine work is displayed in a concise and accessible form, on LCD display on the front of the agent. VAUSHM is bundled with software compatible with PC Pentium - 1 that allows monitoring and controlling its operation as with built-in console, so at the distance from the PC.

The microcontroller provides the accuracy of automatic adjustment of parameters of synchronous work of motor; the original scheme-technical solutions allow providing multilevel protection, saves significant capital resources during the initial installation, as well as the economical use of electricity, resulting in rapid return on investment. A wide range of classes of agent performance protection allows refusing the special facilities and installing it in the immediate vicinity of the motor. Dimensions are 1300h700h350. Rated voltage is 380V. Nominal power consumption - 400 W.


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