Blowers Type H & E

NE "Energomash" Co. Ltd offers small-scale one-piece air blowers such as E-35, H-50; single-stage sulfur dioxide air blowers type H-400, H-700, H-1050, E-1700; two-stage boosters of coke oven gas 750, 1200 ; a single warhead version - on a common frame with the drive motor. Blowers, designed for compression and displacement of air and gases, including sulfur and coke. Used constructive solutions let achieve excellent gas-dynamic characteristics with high, not less than 82%, value of efficiency.

Blowers of H and E () types represent one-step single-cylinder machine of bilateral suction. Two rectangular suction pipes are directed upward; discharge pipe is located in the lower part of the helix and is directed horizontally to the left when viewed from the drive. The blower consists of a welded hull with fittings, rotor, bearing housings with inserts, seals, foundation frames. The blower housing is welded, made of sheet steel, has a connector in the vertical and horizontal planes and consists of two suction chambers and helix. The supercharger rotor has a single bilateral suction impeller.

High-speed one-piece two-stage blowers CNV are designed to compress and move the air. Blowers have gears and lubrication systems. The construction is made as a single unit. On the frame of a supercharger, which also is the capacity to store oil, drive motor, blower, exhaust and return valve and lubrication system are mounted. The rotor shaft is combined with a pinion gear. The blower impellers are located at the ends of the rotor shaft. Shaft bearings are radial bearings, providing increased resistance to low-frequency vibration of shafts on an oil film. The presence of inlet guide apparatus provides regulation of performance without release of compressed air in the atmosphere in a given range.


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