Compressor air 6-25/9

Compressor air 6-25/9

Designed for compressed air pneumatic machinery used in sinking shafts and horizontal mine workings in the coal and mining industries, are installed on mobile drilling machines may be used in various industries.

The installation includes:

1. compressor unit consists of compressor, motor oil filters, coarse and fine filters, piping, valves and control valves and mounted on a common frame-oil tank;
2. water or air cooling unit oil, motor, fan, valves and piping;
remote control panel.
The application of automation eliminates the constant presence of staff and manage the installation, monitoring of key parameters and protection against accidental states.
The system lubricants - circulating pressurized lubricating oil - TP-22s turbine, winter spindle, hydraulic AU with additives. The screw compressor - volume, horizontal, single stage, oil-filled, driven by a motor via a flexible coupling. Consists of a body, the input and output rotor angular contact bearings and seals. To unload the rotor thrust bearing host a discharge piston.

type Purpose and scope Capacity, m3/min MPa pressure
(kgf/cm2) abs
Rotor speed, rev / min Motor Dimensions of installation mm Weight, kg application
Power, kW Voltage, V
6-25/9 Compression of air and feed it into the pneumatic actuators of machinery used in coal and mining industries, established on the surface mines and other customers of different industries, except food and medicine, where possible direct contact with the compressed air products 26 0,88
2925 200 380 3300
2950 Air-cooled oil.
For frequent starts before 6 in change.

Here you can order a Compressor air 6-25/9. To buy a Compressor air 6-25/9, contact the sales department Energomash. Sale of a Compressor air 6-25/9 is carried out to Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Bulgaria, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, India, Mongolia, other countries in Europe and Central Asia.

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