Compressor high pressure ╩-250-61-5

Compressor high pressure ╩-250-61-5

Centrifugal compressor K-250-61-5 are designed to compress and move the air. Centrifugal compressor is stationary, automated. Type of climatic performance UHL4.

In the compressor is actually completeness centrifugal compressor, gearbox, intermediate and terminal coolers, set of sockets to connect the compressor to the intermediate air coolers, throttle, and back valves.

Lubrication system consisting of compressor K-250-61-5 comes in the form of devices (grease tank, start the pump, oil cooler) and other elements (valves, pipes, etc.). All devices are installed and connected to the system when mounting the compressor. Lubrication system is designed as a factory assembled unit. On design features both single-compressor, single-shaft, six-cooled compressed air after every two steps. Reducer is a single stage which increases chevron cylindrical gears. Regulation of the compressor by the throttle.

Centrifugal compressor is equipped with a drive - synchronous motor STDM-1600-23UHL4 1,600 kW, three-phase AC voltage of 6000 or 10000, 50 Hz and the rotor speed of 3000 rev / min.

Centrifugal compressor is controlled by an automatic control system, "Zolotnik". Manufacturer -

NE "Energomash" Co. Ltd .

designation ácompressor
1. Displacement, m3/min 250
2. The working rangeof performance, m3/min 145-255
3. The finalpressure, kgf/cm2, no more 8,0
4. Power consumptionin the working range, KW 1500
5. Rotational speed of the compressor rotor, rev / min 10935
6. Overall dimensions,includingengine, Ix bx h, m 8,2§6, 3§4,3
7. Weightwithout motor,t 15,5
8. Diameter(DN), the suction pipe, mm 600
9. Diameter(DN) discharge line, mm 200

Here you can order a Compressor high pressure ╩-250-61-5. To buy a Compressor high pressure ╩-250-61-5, contact the sales department Energomash. Sale of a Compressor high pressure ╩-250-61-5 is carried out in all regions of Russia, Ukraine and CIS countries.

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