Compressor -125/8

Compressor -125/8

Block compressor unit is designed to compress the air used for industrial processes in various industries.
Compressor unit is a compact monoblock setup consists of a compressor, electric motor, air coolers, oil coolers, oil filters, fine filters, main and start-up oil pump, oil supply system.

1.Inlet guide.
2. Impeller to the shaft gear.
3. The central gear.
4. Segmental thrust bearing.
5. The cooler.
6. The main oil pump.
7. The oil cooler.
8. Oil filter switchable.
9. Log in cooling water.
10. Log in cooling water.
11. The output of cooling water

All of this equipment is mounted on a common rigid frame, which is at the same time oil tank.
The lubrication system - the circulation, forced to the free discharge of oil in the tank. The frame is attached to the wedges by six anchor bolts M36. The depth of concreting anchors 500 mm

# Designation -125/8
1 Capacity,m3/min 100?125
2 Pressure,Kg/cm2: primary 1,0
  final 7,0?9,0
3 Temperatureafter cooling, ºC: initial 20
  final 40
4 The working environment air
5 Power consumption,kW 550/670
6 number ofrotors 4
7 Motor type: 4; 4;
8 Power, kW 800
9 Rotation frequency, rev / min 2900/3000
10 Voltage, V 6000/10000
11 Water consumption, m3/ h 72
12 Weight,kg 13500
13 Overall dimensions, m 5,0/5,52,22,6

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