Turbine compressor -255/7

Turbine compressor -255/7

Stationary units, compact, modular, automated.

Turbine compressor units are designed to compress and move the air.
The structure of each unit includes a turbocharger unit. Unit combines the core functionality of the unit - compressor, gearbox, motor, oil system. The lubrication system of units collected in the block. Installation of the unit is possible on the existing foundation for compressor K-250 and K-500 and other types.
Drive compressors are AC motors.

Turbocharger unit is placed on a concrete pedestal base. Connection with the motor drive shaft is the compressor clutch gear.

Compressor rotor aligned with the pinion gear. Highly corrosion-resistant steel from which the impellers are made a condition for high resource. The original design of the labyrinth seals provides improved sealing, and supports the constant level of leaks during operation. Segment bearing bearings compressor shaft creates a stable position in the starting period and during operation, reducing vibration to a minimum.

Provides a wide control range with high efficiency.
The units can produce a daily stop. Increased modularity reduces the installation cost of the unit to a minimum. Simple and compact design for easy maintenance. The units have a significant stock performance, large surface area formed by the cooling air cooler.
Office of compressors by an automatic control system "Zolotnik"

Characteristic K-255/7
Capacity,m3/min,m3 / h (under suction) 255/15300
The working range of performance based regulation, m3/min 100-255
The initial pressure, kgf/cm2 1,0
The finalpressure, kgf/cm2 7,0
Power consumption,kW 1170
Weightof the compressorwith a rotor, t 3,35
Number of wheelson the rotorunit. 4
The number of intermediatecoolers, pieces. 3
The number ofair-end, ea. 1
The initial temperature, 0 C 20
The final temperature, 0 C 30-40
Rotor speed,rev /min 13530
type ofmotor -1250; 4-1250
-1600; 4-1600
The numberof revolutionsrev/ min. 3000
Voltage, K 6,0/10,0
Motor power,kW 1250/1600
Overall dimensions of the unit, including the engine, 1 x bx h, m 6,22,64,0
Weight ofunitwith engine,tons 16
Water consumption,m3 150-180

The parameters of units specified in the table are given to the following conditions at the inlet:
initial temperature 20ºC, relative humidity of 50%;
initial temperature of cooling water 20ºC

Here you can order a Turbine compressor -255/7. To buy a Turbine compressor -255/7, contact the sales department Energomash. Sale of a Turbine compressor -255/7 is carried out to Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Bulgaria, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, India, Mongolia, other countries in Europe and Central Asia.

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